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Due to covid-19, parents need to make an appointment first, before coming to Willowridge. All documentation must be submitted via email unless stated otherwise.

The Willowridge Ethos

The ethos of our school is embodied in Our Mission, which is to provide an environment which is conducive to a complete and full realization of our pupils’ potential so that they can fulfill their role responsibly within the community of which they are an integral part.


We acknowledge that a school ethos, which promotes a happy, vibrant atmosphere, must recognise the basic human rights in our Constitution.


We acknowledge the right of every pupil to his or her own religious convictions but at the same time believe in the foundational values of Christianity.


We commit ourselves to multi-racial and multi-cultural education within an ethos of work-centred, skills-based learning, which promotes a critical and enquiring mind and a creative spirit.

Willowridge Cell Phone / Multimedia / Electronic Device Policy

Electronic devices are the responsibility of each owner.

Willowridge High School will NOT take ANY RESPONSIBILITY for lost or stolen electronic devices.


We are increasingly experiencing problems with electronic media devices.  At Willowridge High School we have a total ban on all electronic media devices, which Willowridge strictly enforces.

Usage of electronic media devices

  • Electronic devices may ONLY be used or handled by learners before school, during break and after school.
  • Parents can contact the school office in case of emergencies.


Procedure for prohibited use of electronic devices

  • Electronic devices must be switched off by learner and the SIM card MAY NOT be removed.
  • Electronic devises will be confiscated by the educator/staff member and 25 demerit points awarded.
  • Refusal to hand in the electronic device will be regarded as disrespect of authority, which will result in a further 25 demerit points.
  • The electronic device will be sealed in an envelope with the child’s name and class on it and will be placed in the strong room.
  • No devices will be handed out if demerit points are not zero and all detentions done.
  • First offence R50 – can be claimed at the end of week - if no outstanding detentions.
  • Second offence R75 – can only be claimed at the end of the week – if no detentions.
  • Third and further offences R75 – can only be claimed at the end of the term if no outstanding detentions.

Sick Room Arrangements

PLEASE NOTE: It is very disruptive to the entire class and in some instances the entire school if we call pupils to the office via the intercom.  FOR THIS REASON NO LEARNERS MAY BE CALLED OUT OF CLASS.


We encourage parents to make appointments for doctors, dentists, licenses etc. OUTSIDE of school hours.  We do, however, acknowledge that at times it will be necessary for a child to leave early.  Please take note of the procedure to be followed if your child has to leave school during school hours.


Please ensure your child comes to school with a letter from the parents or guardian


  • Details of where they are going
  • Date and time they have to leave the school
  • Contact numbers
  • Your  child must then get a “leaving early” slip, from the student office,  and have it signed by all the teachers whose classes will be missed
  • Your child must show your letter to the subject teacher who will excuse the child from class
  • The child then proceeds to the office and is signed out by the parent/guardian

Sick Room Policy

PLEASE NOTE: It is very disruptive to the entire class and in some instances the entire school if pupils are to be called via the intercom.



  • If a child is sick at school, the child must go to the sick bay.
  • He/she will then be given an “early leaving” slip.
  • This must be completed by all the teachers whose lessons will be missed.
  • Parents will be contacted by the students’ office.
  • When you collect your child, he/she can be called from the sick bay.
  • Legislation states that the school may not give the child any medication.
  • A child may only stay in the sick bay for one hour, after which he/she must return to class.

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