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2023 Calendar

This academic calendar is to show and remind students of key dates throughout the academic term and year. It can also be useful for prospective students and parents as well. Each Grade as it's own academic calendar which contains dates so students will know when they need to submit or write a subject. But, your main reason for an academic calendar will be to schedule your time and use time management.

Subject Choice

Dear Grade 9’s.


It’s that time of year again to make the most important decisions of your schooling career. To help you make wise and informative decisions we have placed a videos on each subject below to help you understand what the subject is about as well as 3 booklets that help explain what career paths you can following with each subject but also which degrees will need specific subjects. Hope you find this information informative.


Make good choices based on what you are good at, what your interests are and what you are capable of.

Subject Choice Booklet

Subject Choice Letter


Subject Choice Booklet




Academic Events

Top 10 Learners of 2023

Every Term students are awarded badges for making the top 10 that specific term. Every Term has a new list and sometimes the same names come up as the students keeps working hard and achieving their academic goals.


  • Maths Olympian - Willowridge Mathematics learners are given the opportunity to enter the annual South African Mathematics Olympiad, South Africa’s biggest Olympiad. There are two divisions: a junior division for grades 8 and 9 and a senior division for grades 10 to 12, and learners who score at least 50% in the first round which is written in March, qualify for the second round in May. Olympiads are the means for students to compete with other students on a similar educational level.
  • Science Olympian - The Science Olympiad is a general knowledge Olympiad for Gr 10 to 12 science learners and covers Physics and Chemistry content across all three grades. The kids don’t receive awards from the school for taking part unless they place regionally or nationally.
  • BCM Olympian - The Olympiads is academic exams which the department of education  sets to encourage learners who are good in accounting and business to excel and compete with other schools. In term 3 and 4  we start with School Olympiads then choose the top 3 to represent  the school at the Cluster, then District Olympiads, if they win we go to Provincials.
Honour Roll


These individuals are the crème of the crop and shown that by achieving their academic goals in different subjects as well as maintaining an excellent grade average (80%) over a period of 3 years.

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