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Motto For 2020

"Impilo inzima, kodwa nami nginzima"

Message from the Headmaster


"Impilo inzima, kodwa nami nginzima"


Each year I choose a management theme for Willowridge to guide us all in re-steering our actions in order to achieve our school’s vision, values and objectives.


After coming across so many pupils, parents and staff who were really struggling to remain standing in a difficult modern world, I was walking around the school one morning last year, burdened by this knowledge and saw a bumper sticker on one of our staff’s motor car. I was intrigued by it and asked Mr Pitseng what Kunzima nja yami, meant? It’s tough, my dog, he replied. And I was once again brought back to the realization that life can be very difficult for so many people in our Willowridge family.  Before our diaries and year planners went out I asked Mrs Rapudi if it would be okay to use this as our theme for 2020.

She was worried that people would take offence at being called dogs and suggested something similar:  Life is tough but we are tougher. I then asked one of our Disciplinary Officers who is also a past pupil for to translate this into isiZulu but was luckily dubious about his version and checked with Ms Nduna, our Debtor’s clerk to make sure that Mr Masondo’s language construction was fine.  She laughed and said it meant: Life is a paragraph but we are paragraphs too! Well it did bring humour to our world.  Finally, Ms Nduna came up with Impilo inzima, kodwa nami nginzima.

I look back to now and am amazed by the providence of our theme, in both senses of the word:  firstly in the sense of unbeknown timely preparation for future eventualities as well as in the sense of the protective care of God as a spiritual power.

We did not know in November last year what awaited us in 2020 and about the pandemic that would re-shape our world as we knew it. Covid 19 has changed the way we do things at school.  It brought the third industrial revolution and the advanced IT innovation that we all knew was coming, rushing into our lives.  How many times during lockdown did I recall what the famous futurist Alvin Toffler had already foreseen while I was still at university.  We are suffering from future shock and information overload as his third wave has washed over us as the tide of Coronavirus has forced the future new normal upon us.  People are working from their homes as he predicted in the 70’s and we are desperately trying to adjust to the new cultural shock brought about by isolation and social distancing.

We are living in Shakespeare and Huxley’s Brave New World.  I know that Willowridge’s teachers, pupils and parents have embraced the future-now, maybe for many of us with trepidation, but embraced none-the-less.  Hybrid teaching using both personal contact between educator and educated as well as on-line learning will stay with us and will be beneficial to our lives.

Covid 19 has also brought about other positive changes in the way we do things.  In order to survive as school, we are far more aware of our relative positions in a Willowridge Family and the importance of every single person adding to this community if we are to survive as school.


Ephesians 2:19-22 so often comes to mind this year when thinking about Willowridge High School:


So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone, in whom the whole structure, being joined together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord. In him you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit.

We are family and as such communicate far more with each other even if we are separated by lockdown phases.  We have devoted much more time to the importance of relationships than we have done before and when we make mistakes we know that it is inevitable and we cover for each other in defence of our school.



Dear God as Father, please protect our school as your family.  Grant us the strength to fight against the threat that Covid 19 presents to us as family.  May we stand together as your children against any force that would endanger any of the members of our family or against any dissention that would compromise the unity of our endeavor to save our school.


We pray that you will keep every pupil, every parent, every teacher, every secretary and every support worker within our school family safe from life-threatening illness.


Help us to remember at all times that we are members of Your household and as such should be caring and supportive of any other member of your family.



our vision


our mission

Willowridge High School strives to provide an environment conducive to a complete and full realization of our children’s potential so that they can fulfill their role responsibly within society. In so doing Willowridge High School strives to remain one of the most sought after schools in Pretoria.

our core values

Mutual respect and Affection

Pride in Ownership

Quality in Principle-centred Teaching and Learning

A Passionate commitment to Dynamic Innovation

Pupil and Teacher Empowerment

A competitive, achievement centred work-ethic

Willowridge Since 1987 Willowridge Since 1987

Deeply rooted in a firm foundation


Willowridge High is a young school with young ideas and many talented young people who have excelled in an environment which has nurtured enthusiasm, friendship and a pioneering spirit.


We have built this ethos on the lives of four prominent South Africans who were associated with Pretoria East and the early development of the Transvaal. Our four school houses are named after them and our house badges are extracts from their original family crests...

our school Prayer

Oh God, our Heavenly Father, from whom we receive every perfect gift; we pray that You will bless this our School.


We praise You for the opportunities which it offers us of developing the range and quality of our talents; of making sincere friends; of deepening our knowledge and improving our skills; that we might better serve You and the community in which we live.


Instill in all who work here the love of truth which makes all study a discovery and a joy. May a spirit of loyalty and devotion bind us all more closely together, that we may work, not for our own advantage, but for the common good.


Let Your wisdom guide and prosper our work, our games and our societies, that we may grow together in the love of all that is true and honest and of good report.


Fill us with reverence and love for Your Creation and Your Laws, that we may seek justice and mutual goodwill with patience and understanding; and grant that, when we go into the world, we may indeed be Your servants, remembering the ideals we have learnt there, in honour of Your Holy Name.

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord – Amen.


our school song

With a spirit of devotion in our heart and mind and soul

We will honour our name and emblem as we strive to meet our goal.

Willowridge, well serve our Country and to men both great and small

We’ll extend our hand of friendship, practice tolerance to all.


Truth and honesty and friendship, increase as we all grow

And all our talents we will further, as through life we go.


Willowridge, we’ll try our utmost academically and at sport,

In the true pursuit of knowledge may enlightenment be sought.

we’ll be brave and we’ll stand taller, and strive with one accord

To be humble and obedient, and faithful to the Lord.


Truth and honesty and friendship, increase as we all grow

and all our talents we will further, as through life we go.

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