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Participation in sports is of paramount importance for both boys and girls, fostering holistic development and instilling essential life skills. Willowridge exemplifies this commitment, offering a diverse range of sports such as Athletics, Swimming, Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Chess, Hockey, Soccer, Cricket, and Cross Country. Beyond physical fitness, sports teach teamwork, discipline, perseverance, and time management—skills vital for success in all facets of life. By integrating academics and athletics, Willowridge provides an all-encompassing educational experience, allowing every child to nurture their athletic potential while excelling academically. Embracing sports equips young individuals with the tools they need to not only excel on the field but also thrive in their future endeavors.

Mrs L Smal

Most Commited Sportswoman

Excellarator of the Year

All Round Sportswoman

All Round Sportsman

Sportwoman of the Year

Sportsman of the Year

Zanele Baloyi

Tshiwo Tyhali

Jabulile Mbatha

Amogelang Mahlangu

Khumo Makinde

Kelvin Ndlovu

Sporting Codes

Willowridge Sports in the 1st term revolve around athletics and

swimming. The excitement kicks off with the inter-house

athletics event on the first Friday after school reopens.

Later in February, there are inter-school challenges and a

bonding experience for the students. February also marks the

eagerly anticipated swimming gala. As March approaches,

the focus shifts to trials and preseason practices for basketball and rugby, setting the stage for an active and competitive start to the school year.

First Term

Second Term

Willowridge Sports in the 2nd term bring a fresh wave of

excitement,featuring basketball, rugby, netball, and hockey.

Students enthusiastically engage in these team sports,

dedicating their efforts to training and competition. The term is

marked by spirited matches, fierce rivalries, and opportunities

for athletes to showcase their skills and teamwork..

In Willowridge's exhilarating 3rd term sports lineup,

the spotlight shines on Cricket, Cross Country, Softball and

the Basketball Development League. A significant highlight is

the developmental phase of Cricket, with a strong focus on

nurturing the junior team's talent. Students wholeheartedly

immerse themselves in these sports, finding a perfect blend

of competition and skill-building opportunities. This term offers a dynamic and action-packed chapter in their athletic journey, fostering teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal growth in the process.

Third Term

Fourth Term

Willowridge's 4th term is dedicated to preparing for the

upcoming year's athletics and focusing on fitness.

Students engage in rigorous training regimens to enhance

their physical conditioning and fine-tune their athletic skills.

This term serves as a foundation for the forthcoming year,

emphasizing the importance of discipline, dedication and peak

performance in athletics. It's a time of focused preparation and determination as students look ahead to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the athletic arena.

Sporting Facilities

Willowridge has a range of sports codes, fields and facilities ranging from an athletics track, long / triple jump pit, discus cage, swimming pool (currently going through maintenance), 3 basketball courts, 4 netball courts, 2 rugby fields, 2 soccer fields, 2 hockey fields, cricket field, softball and the chess club.

Postal address

P.O Box 72262, Lynwoodridge, 0040

Physical address

518 Verkenner Avenue, Die Wilgers, 0143


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