Due to covid-19, parents need to make an appointment first, before coming to Willowridge. All documentation must be submitted via email unless stated otherwise.

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Applying to Willowridge High School

2023 Extra Information for Registration

Dear Prospective Parents/Guardians of Grade 8 learners for 2023

Thank you for applying at Willowridge High School.


Willowridge High School is an English Medium, Fee Paying High School and cannot

accommodate all applicants.

Please complete the information for scholar's intention to enrol at Willowridge High School

in 2023 for Grade 8.


Please register online, on the Gauteng Department of Education website. Only online applications on the GOE admissions website ( .za) will be accepted. When online registration opens , once registered and all the required documents have been uploaded you will receive a registration number. Kindly forward this to


Please note these documents are only going to be used for communication  for  Willowridge  High School. It is not an application. You are welcome  to  return  these  documents  to admissions@willowridge before online registration as well as thereafter.


Documents that you will be required to upload on the online registration platform will be parent's ID, child's birth certificate, proof of residence, proof of employment and employer's address (if you work in the area).


Please remember to keep your login details and password as this will be required to accept or decline offers.

Incomplete extra information forms, no proof of GOE online registration , missing documents , or illegible emails, will not receive a confirmation code from Willowridge High School. Fully completed extra information forms, all required  documents  and  GOE  online  registration reference number will receive confirmation email with a confirmation code specifically for Willowridge High School.

Willowridge   High   School   offers   Afrikaans   and   Sepedi   as   a   First   Additional    Language. Please remember to make your choice on the document and the check list.


Registration to Grade 9 will be determined by available space after the re-registration process of existing scholars for 2023 has been completed. The subjects of choice for Grade 10 &11 are listed below. The combinations will be confirmed.

Grade 8 Extra Information Form

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Grade 9 Extra Information Form

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Grade 10 Extra Information Form

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Grade 11 Extra Information Form

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School Fees Structure and Break Down

Willowridge Communicator Willowridge Communicator

The d6 Connect App enables two-way communication between schools and parents. Child-specific information such as marks, disciplinary record, absenteeism and financial information is also available to parents in real-time:


      To download the App via Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store


      Install and follow the instruction to login / register

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