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Our Design & Visual Art curriculum offers distinct opportunities to develop current in-demand critical thinking skills, gain rich experience with the tools and technologies of their discipline to prepare students for a meaningful career in a creative field.

A fellow student sent me the link to this writing competition and once I found out that it was focused on Gender Based Violence, I had to share my voice. I have a lot to say on this topic. My piece started as an essay but, like most of my writing, became a very emotional and raw poem. After being selected, myself and other writers went through a thorough editing process. We were completely exposed to the world of publishing. Most importantly, we were exposed to many different views on Gender Based Violence, Feminism, the LGBTQIA+ community and other social justice issues. Every opinion, as different and as complex as they were, had the same urgent foundation, that something needs to be done to protect our women and children. Furthermore, I am beyond proud to represent Willowridge High School. I hope that my achievement opens the door for many more Willows students to share their opinions, shout and fight for their truth. You will never know how powerful your voice is until you finally speak up.


Ayisha Osman

Cinderella Musical
Heritage Day



The Willowridge High School Choir is an enthusiastic group of singers who worked under the guidance of Ms M. Sung, a member of the prestigious Willowridge Family. We are planning on improving and look forward to resuming the choral activities in the future.

History Tour

" We at Willowridge High School encourage experiential learning. It is for this reason that an exciting outing to the Voortrekker Monument for the Grade 10 History learners on 7 September 2023 and Apartheid Museum/Constitutional Hill for the Grade 11 History Learners on 14 September has been scheduled. The pupils will be able to juxtapose prior learning with tangible evidence provided by the experience.


Our goal is to ignite curiosity and passion for history in our students. By exploring these historical sites, they will gain valuable insights into the events, struggles, and achievements that have shaped our nation. We strongly believe that these immersive experiences will not only deepen their knowledge but also foster a sense of pride and appreciation for our rich cultural heritage."


Mr S. Khuzwayo

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